about Iceventure

Iceventure is an entrepreneurial niche consultancy specialized in business development, innovation topics and starting up.

The credo is that the 21st century with the raise of the network economy requires a new approach to consulting which thinks in networks.

The team and network
Iceventure is lead by Arnbjörn Eggerz with his team.
The team means a personal assistant and two research assistants. 

Iceventure is part of an excellent network comprising high profiled professionals (business//IT//energy storage) which we bring into our client's project based on the requirements.



We offer a number of services. The focus for non-German based clients is mostly on business development and market entry questions, but not limited to it.

EU market entry
Sales & marketing support
(your local event)

Current market studies include:

Sourcing & identifying targets
Innovation market pull

about Arnbjörn Eggerz

22. Mai 2018

Arnbjörn Eggerz
Prior to founding Iceventure Arnbjörn worked in the financial sector (banking/family office) and has several years (9+) of startup/SME and institutional project consulting in Germany, Italy and Iceland.
Arnbjörn Eggerz Iceventure webHe is the founder and Managing Director of Iceventure in Munich, Germany. He worked on Business Angels and Venture Capital funding problems in Europe.
He is also one of the initiators of the Batteriestammtisch, a leading network on energy storage in Munich, Bavaria.  

Competencies and fields of service include SaaS, electrochemical energy storage, financial services (Fintech), innovation processes and national/local innovation systems.


He gives lectures and workshops on a regular basis.


Arnbjörn also writes about SaaS, Fintech with the example of Tradeshift, the German ecosystem, Wunderkind and some coverage of the Euro crisis. He interviewed e.g. Philippe Botteri and Ari Helgason on SaaS. We have been reposted/featured by e.g. Blick Log (award winning German financial blog), Griechenlandblog and by Tradshift's Christian Lanng (on Twitter).

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