Intelligence on the Euro, the Euro crisis and the Eurozone with focus on Germany

Born out of the demand by foreign investors after 2008, Iceventure’s managing director Arnbjörn Eggerz offers an internet-based service for economic analysis of the euro area. 

Service for e.g. investors (US/EU/world)

Based on extensive work during the height of the Euro crisis (and the Icelandic financial crisis) he covers

  • Origins of the Euro crisis

  • Current updates on the Euro crisis (NPLs / German banking system / positions on Eurobonds)

  • Questions about the Euro design

  • Problems of business models of European countries 

  • Impact of technological change on core industries
  • Were does Covid-19 hit with regards to the system/missing Eurobonds


Specific questions/research tasks by customers are welcome. 


We offer a time-saving way to access highly specialist information with an expert’s filter. 

Core statements of Iceventure:

“The Euro crisis is also in 2018/2019/2020 neither over nor well understood”

“With its core design failures, the Euro is a fixed-exchange rate regime with a central bank, no currency area”


Having lived/worked in Germany, Italy and Iceland and worked in Austria, and speaking different languages which gives me access to news of different Eurozone countries, I miss an international/European view within the predominantly national viewpoints in discussions in the national politics/media and even research.
Thus, I apply an Eurozone-holistic viewpoint whenever possible. 

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 A. Eggerz

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