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More and more software applications move to the cloud transforming on premise solutions to Software as the Service (SaaS).

Thus it was a great opportunity to talk to Ari Helgason from Dawn Capital about his entrepreneurial experience and his way into venture capital @WebSummit in Dublin.
After a short look on the European #ecosystem, there was plenty of time to talk about the state of European SaaS startups.

What are the problems they are facing?
Where are we with respect to SaaS adoption?
What about SaaS metrics and current CAC levels?

Last but not least it was great to talk about startups in Iceland.

A full transcript of the interview will follow

for more information about Dawn Capital go to

If you want to know more about the SaaS business model check out Iceventure's SaaS training or read our articels on saas here on the blog.

The State of European SaaS Investment Ari Helgason & Arnbjörn Eggerz

A. Eggerz is entrepreneur and managing director of Iceventure.

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