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Iceventure is active in SaaS since 2008/2009 when Arnbjörn Eggerz worked on the first emerging European SaaS project. At the time it was a hard-science analytical software allowing to program algorithms in an Excel like interface. Faced with all the problems you have with a small home market in Europe and key targets in the U.S. he developed a business plan for the start-up very similar to the today known SaaS playbook.

Ever since the SaaS business model and SaaS companies have been key clients for Iceventure. He also developed the first SaaS business model training which is held since 2014 in Germany.


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 A. Eggerz



We cover a wide area of services for SaaS companies.
E.g. we support U.S. SaaS companies like any SaaS company that wants to enter the European/German (or Italian/Austrian) market.
We can take an advisory role on any SaaS area (business plans/investors/marketing/sales/customer success/scaling) and have no problem to go into the trenches with you.

SaaS GoToMarket / Business Plan
We develop, help to define or review your SaaS business plan or GoToMarket strategy.
SaaS Business model
We train or discuss with you all aspects of the SaaS business model and how the various parts are best aligned.

SaaS Marketing strategy/optimization
We develop and/or plan SaaS Marketing strategies fitting your target group. If self-service SaaS or Enterprise SaaS with field sales – we refine your marketing, your funnel and your buying personas. This also includes the production of content, review of ads or localization of content.

SaaS Pricing research/strategy
We screen the market for potential competitors to your product and model appropriate pricing for your SaaS solution using proprietary and standard methodologies. We then help you plan and implement a sensible pricing strategy.

SaaS Sales optimization
We develop and/or plan your SaaS sales strategies fitting your target group. If self-service SaaS or Enterprise SaaS with field sales – we refine your sales.

SaaS Customer success
We help you implement the role of a customer success manager. We also train people into the role.

SaaS training material
For large or complex enterprises, we offer custom-made training material and workshops in all aforementioned areas (business plan, marketing, pricing, sales and customer success), online or in person, according to your needs.

Exiting SaaS
You need investment and plan to partially exit your SaaS to an investor. We can help. Contact us.

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