Interview with Christoph Janz, Co-Founder & Managing Partner Point Nine #SaaS #Startup #Europe


European SaaS is emerging both in quality and quantity as e.g. the impressive number of participants at SaaStock showed.

One of the best known investors in European SaaS (and even based in Germany) is Point Nine Capital, the Angel VC.
After SaaStock16 Christoph Janz, co-founder and managing partner took the time for an interview to talk about the fund, latest issues in European SaaS and his takeaways from the conference.

The interview includes the ...

story of Christoph and Point Nine
what scalability means and how to think about it
the SaaS playbook
Pricing vs. Sales
keytakeaways from SaaStock15 like product-market fit
and many more...

A big thanks to Christoph Janz for his time. I also highly reccomend his blog on SaaS and investing. You might also want to check the team blog from Point Nine @Medium.

Check this out if you want to master the SaaS business model


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A. Eggerz is entrepreneur and managing director of Iceventure.

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