Strategic questions of artificial intelligence (AI) for companies

Strategic questions of artificial intelligence (AI) for companies

Artificial intelligence is a rapidly evolving technology. Thanks to greater progress, AI is becoming more and more interesting for companies. From Iceventure's point of view, there are a number of questions that are of strategic relevance. Because AI is not only a technology in which maturity plays a role, but is also exposed to questions of data and information economics.

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  T. Robb


This gives rise to the following questions, which we would like to answer:

1) How does a competitive advantage arise from the use of AI - does Google really have the advantage of data?

2) Horizontal AI vs. vertical AI - which approach is the winner?

3) Make or buy - in which areas does a company need to build its own expertise?

4) What influence does the application of AI have on technology? How can the application be modeled?

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