MIT GWS in Iceland 2010

MITGSW2010_webHardest hit by the current financial crisis Iceland has to find new ways to restart its economy. No wonder that Entrepreneurs and Entrepreneurship are hot topics. Consequently the MIT Global Startup Workshop 2010 hosted by the famous Massachusetts Institute of Technology took place in Iceland.

Iceventure participated in the conference to strengthen its international network. It was very well organized and led to many very interesting discussions and contacts.

Workshops, panels and discussions included “Entrepreneurship and Innovation in times of crisis”, a workshop on business plan competitions, green technology, case studies, elevator pitch training sessions and elevator pitch presentation.

Among the panels and workshops two were of particular interest to me since the topics have a broader context for a debate for continental European clients, too: Identifying opportunities in clean tech and public policy for rebuilding economic momentum.

I am sorry to say but both workshops failed to deliver on the topic but brought up some interesting details why. The question in the first case should have been: Is green tech really an entrepreneurial opportunity? while panelists in the second session mentioned above where not able to contribute meaningful insight into what measures of public policy might help in general or in the particular case of Iceland.

Since both topics are of crucial importance they will be the focus of following posts.

A. Eggerz is entrepreneur and managing director of Iceventure.

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