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This is part I of the review of this year's Web Summit in Dublin. Four weeks passed (intentionally) and with some distance it is now time to ask what remains and what facts are of importance from all the insights into start-ups technology and the ecosystem.

A first judgement

hot startups entrepreneurs websummitWhat sticks four weeks after the event is best described as a strange mix of "being overwhelmed by information" and "nothing new". It does not mean it was no great event. It was, but the above impression remains. This result is a confirmation of Iceventure's current view of the innovation and startup ecosystem in Europe which is moving more in the later stage of the cycle.
Why the Web Summit confirmed it and the arguments for this assessment are laid out in the following.

About Web Summit 2015 itself

First, some remarks about the event itself. This year's Web Summit brought about a lot of discussion prior to the event asking

Freigegeben in Web Summit 2015

After digging into the software as a service data provided by the Web Summit team I was of course also very interested to examine the data about the participating Fintech start-ups. Therefore, I took some time last night to look into it, providing some of the insights here.

A snapshot of the European Fintech space (participating in Web Summit)

First, I describe the data set available: 93 startups are listed in this segment of Fintech out of 2081 start-ups in total. This means about 4.7% of participating start-ups are in Fintech. 61% are European Fintech start-ups meaning 2,74% of all participants.

The number might be a bit sobering seeing the number of 2000+ start-ups and the currently generated media hype about Fintech. I do not have a particular interpretation of the low number of the 4.7% as with in the case of SaaS, but guess it also has to do with the fact that financial services are extremely competitive with demanding domain knowledge.

Distribution - Fintech start-ups per country

Now the distribution of the Fintech startups per country. Prior to citing the numbers, I lay out some expectations. For Fintech, I would not expect Germany to be leading in Europe, while I would expect to find many Fintech startups from the Fintech startups per country 102015traditional financial centers of Europe like UK, France, Italy and Luxembourg. I think this is a valid expectation as

Freigegeben in Web Summit 2015

Yesterday evening I had the chance to take a first look on data the Web Summit databases provides for participants. I took some time to dive in deeper into one of our sectors - software as a service in (SaaS). Of course, one has to keep in mind that the data from the Web Summit is not fully representative as there is the conference participant bias. But I think it still provides a good general snapshot about the state of SaaS in Europe and Germany. This article will walk you through to some numbers and important insights you can derive from that.

A snapshot of the European SaaS space (participating in Web Summit)

First a general description of the data: There are 72 SaaS companies out of 2083 startups that included the term SaaS or software as a service in their description. This is a rate of only 3.5%.
It might come as a big surprise for many used to the slogan "SaaS is everywhere and the future", and given it is an exclusively web conference. I think it fairly reflects the fact that - albeit SaaS is a very interesting business model - it is also a very demanding place for startups to be. And I am not even talking about the king's class, which is enterprise SaaS.

Freigegeben in Web Summit 2015
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