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Dott. Arnbjörn Eggerz
24. April 2022
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N02 - VC bubbles, European funding numbers and a new season for Netflix

The first edition has just been published. Finally, and in the process with some glitches. And already the second editions is supposed to follow. Here we go. As so many concurrent topical events happen, I decided to focus, in this edition, on a meta topic.


The bubble that … did not burst - yet

The New York Times featured an article about VCs talking for years about a bubble,

Dott. Arnbjörn Eggerz
17. April 2022
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N01 - Volkswagen, Tesla and Twitter

A short intro into this newsletter Nr 1

My team and I often brief customers on current developments in tech, mostly with European focus. Also, we keep track of relevant developments for ourselves and discuss them. So, the idea came up, why not to share some parts of this digestion in form of a public Iceventure newsletter? This is an experiment, so format and frequency are undefined and subject to experiments. Maybe it will turn paid, maybe not. Let’s try. Content in this edition:

Volkswagen vs. Tesla - in the end, it is the car industry and how established industries end
Twitter, Elon Musk and thoughts about Europe 
Graph - Ukraine's energy reserves


Volkswagen vs. Tesla

Volkswagen just published its Q1/2022 earnings announcement.

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