GTC for the offer “one hour consultation”

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Terms and Conditions (GTC) for "one hour consultation" of Iceventure (March 2015)

§ 1 General provisions
The following terms and conditions regulate the contractual relations between the clients of the service "one hour startup consulting" (or "one hour consulting") and Iceventure.
Differing terms and conditions of the client are not valid.
Additional agreements and commitments require the written consent by Iceventure.

§ 2 Contract conclusion
The transmission of the booking form of the service offer "one hour start-up consulting" creates a binding contract.
The booking becomes legally binding through our written confirmation.

§ 3 Data protection, data storage and data processing
The customer agrees to processing of the data within the context of the purpose of the legal relationship.
Customer data will be stored and used by Iceventure, in strict compliance with the BDSG, only for internal processing, for own advertising purposes and for the transmission of information and offers in promotional campaigns only through selected partners.

§ 4 Terms of Payment
The consulting fee plus value added tax is due upon the receipt of the invoice and both have to be paid prior to the beginning of the first consulting appointment.
Payments are accepted by bank transfer only or via an alternative payment, which is provided by Iceventure, e.g. PayPal.
Less than full utilization of the booked time does not entitle the customer to reduce the consulting fee.

§ 5 Definition of Services
5.1 Iceventure works on the task/questions submitted by the client within the booked time.
The following limitations/conditions in relation to the provision of services, as described on the website of the offer are applied:

• All work and meetings will be done remotely via Skype, phone, email, or Google Hangouts.
• It must be possible to complete the task in the booked time span.
• Booked blocks of several hours can be dived into hourly parts.
• An hour can not to be divided into smaller units.
• Unused time expires after one year.

5.2 The task is based on the task description submitted by the client. In case that additional or complementary activities are necessary, Iceventure will notify the client. In this case an extension of the contract with Iceventure will become binding by the fact that the client requests the additional or/and the complementary activity or accepts it.

A concrete success is not owed or guaranteed. The client decides in sole responsibility about the date and the nature and scope of the implementation of measures recommended by Iceventure.

Iceventure considers the information or documents provided by the customer as well as submitted figures as complete and accurate and defines it as the sole basis for working on the task(s). There is no obligation by Iceventure to verify the accuracy, the completeness, correctness or to conduct own research.

5.5 The provision of legal and tax advisory activities as content or part of the contractual services is excluded.

§ 6 Client Responsibilities
The customer provides Iceventure all necessary information and documents to perform the service completely and correctly in terms of content prior to the consulting appointments.
This is done by filling in the field „Task" during the booking process and by answering the template „Task description – one hour consultation". This information is authoritative.
The client has to ensure his/her availability under the given contact data at the agreed appointment time. If the client is not available or in case a shifting of the appointment occurs within 4h prior to the appointment, the booked time is considered as having been utilized.

§ 7 Liability
7.1. A liability or guarantee for the success of the recommended action items by Iceventure is excluded.

7.2. Verbal information or via telecommunication, statements, advice or recommendations are given to the best of knowledge. They are only binding if they are confirmed in written form.

7.3. Iceventure is only liable in cases of intentional or gross negligence. The liability is limited in level to typically foreseeable damage.

7.4. The liability of Iceventure does not apply if the damage incurred is in any way related to incorrect or incomplete information or documentation provided by the customer.

§ 8 Final Provisions
8.1. If these conditions require written form, an e-mail or fax is considered as such.

8.2. Contract language is English.

8.3. Where permitted by law, the jurisdiction and performance for all claims and litigation arising from the contract is 85757 Karlsfeld, Germany.

8.4. If one provision of these Terms and Conditions should be invalid or void, the remaining Provisions shall remain unaffected.

§ 9 Right of withdrawal for consumers
9.1. If the contractual partner is a consumer, he/she is informed about the following rights:
It is possible to revoke the contract with a written letter (fax, e-mail) within 2 weeks and without giving any reasons. The time limit begins with the receipt of this instruction.
To stay within the withdrawal period, it is sufficient to send the revocation in a timely manner. The revocation must be sent to: Iceventure, Gottfried-Keller-Weg 6, 85757 Karlsfeld Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein!

9.2. The right of the cancellation expires prematurely when Iceventure has already started to give service before with the express consent from the client during the withdrawal period. This happens for example, if the client fixes appointments for the counseling hour(s) or by using the booked hours.

9.3. In the case of an effective revocation the mutual benefits have to be refunded. If the client cannot reimburse services received fully or in part only or only in a deteriorated condition – compensation must be provided.
Obligations to reimburse payments have to be met within 15 days after the notice of rescission.

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