What can I do for you and your start-up

Often there are questions which can be answered in a short time but require professional expertise to advance your project.
I can significantly help you with an assessment, a structuring, strategy and business plan feedback of your startup idea. Do you have questions concenring a European or German market entry, business impact of culture, moving to Berlin? Or better benefit from Munich for B2B start-up projects?

In a few hours of working together, we can walk through the major points and plan the next steps of your start-up project.

What can startups and founders expect from me?

You get my support with competence and experience from 7 years in the world of startups, innovation, consulting and corporations. My credo is context: What does really work in Europe for startups? What is a narrative, what is a really replicable concept for startup success? Additionally you benefit from me being a generalist. This means:

> Best practices from many low-tech to high-tech (SaaS) startup projects/customers, a spin-off and 3 own startups.
> Business model assessment from roughly 250 business plans reviews and idea structuring with young teams, e.g. during idea!tailors.
> Being able to communicat with both worlds - start-up and corporates - through business development, with the know-how what is applicable to startups and vice versa and how to bridge the gap

experience in numbers

Start-ups and Business Development Projects

Ideations & Idea Structurings

Business Plan/Model Assessments


> with the form to the right you book your hours for the task (e.g. 1 hour to read a comprehensive document + 1 hour consultation)

> you describe your issue as best as possible

> after booking you receive an email with detailed instructions how to frame your problem and the possibility to further specify the task for maximum impact by me in your booked time.
You will also receive an invoice and the opportunity propose a date for your appointment

> after settlement of the invoice (PDF of confirmation if in a hurry) our consultation will take place

How does the scheduling work?

After booking hours, we agree on the dates - depending on availability in the next days or at most weeks.

Just book hours - on the right.

FAQs on bookings and procedures of the online startup consulting

F: Can I book your capacity for more than 3 hours?
A: Please contact me per email so we can discuss your ideas.

F: How can you contact me:
A: per email Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein! or here contact form

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What is my start-up experience?

I have many years of experience as an adviser and project manager for startups, SMB's and institutions in Germany, Italy and Iceland (7+). I have also taken part in startups of my own.

Areas of competency and projects encompass firms and institutions, among others from the areas of product design, SaaS, chemical energy storage, financial services, research institutions institutional players in national/local innovation systems.

Workshops on start-up marketing plan, lean startup and all aspects of "from the idea to a company" in 2012-2015 @ UniBZ, Uni IBK, Uni Trento and CoC Bolzano.

Conditions and why this offer

> all work and conferencing will be done per Skype, telephone, email or Google Hangouts.
> the task must be achievable within the reserved time frame
> if you have booked several hours, these can be grouped together as required
> An hour cannot be divided into smaller units

Why this offering?
I enjoy assisting firms and people to exploring new perspectives and improving their product, business or ideas. I also like to experiment with new business models.
This offering allows me to collaborate with a wider range of firms and persons and to convey my know-how in new forms.

Thanks and mention

start up success growth hackingThe idea for an hourly startup consulting is from Josh Goss, onehour.me, who kindly allowed me to take over the idea.

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