10. Mai 2024

Workshop - Navigating the Next 20 Years: Leading in times of Radical Technology and Geopolitical Shifts

Our founder and managing director Arnbjörn Eggerz will give a workshop on May 11th at the Free University of Bolzano lecturing about the topic
"Navigating the Next 20 Years: Leading in times of Radical Technology and Geopolitical Shifts".

Test 07052024Since we started our seminar for managers and managing owners "Wirtschaft 2030 - Strategien für Unternehmen in Zeiten der Eurokrise, Digitalisierung und Energiewende" in 2015/16 shifts in secular trends are an important topic for us. As we see more and more requests from our clints to cover not only pure business process topics, but global developments with the eyes of C-level management and private investors (Family Offices, Families PE/VSs), we kept constantly upgrading the depth and areas of coverage.
This workshop is a great occasion to share some key insights into global economic and technologic developments and how the transcendent to managers of companies and private equity in the wider sense.


In two interactive hours participants will learn about the changes to the existing world order, the new scenario leaders find themselves in and about the implications of a new security architecture for supply chains, process and capital structure.
Together with the speaker the audience will study the background of Europe’s changed and economic development in 79 years of peace.
They will study and discuss which potential breakpoints could emerge by global developments in this structure of a well-balanced social contract and what it means to it to se the realization of trends like inversed population pyramids, declining labor productivity and behavioral changes as voiced by Gen Z materializing.
Challenges for managers are increased by new technologies like AI the audience will dive into.

There will be plenty of time for questions and discussions.

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