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in conversation with ... Didier Richter BIL #Fintech #Banking #Digital Disruption


The impact of digitalization is felt everywhere, also in traditional banking. Fintech is the buzzword under which many promise the revolution of how we deal with our money and investments and do payments.

But are traditional banks easily disrupted as they deal with data and especially regulation since a long time?

The interview with Didier Richter,

Head of Operational Marketing & Direct Banking at Banque Internationale à Luxembourg deals with Fintech from a bank's perspective. How is their approach to Fintech and technology? Is Fintech only a thread and how to integrate new technology in an established operating and strongly regulated environment?

As all innovation happen in a certain socioeconomic context we also have to take the Euro crisis as a major trigger and driver for change into consideration. Is in the end the Euro crisis a bigger thread for traditional banking then software innovation? And are Fintechs really save from it?

All questions Mr. Richter discussed with Arnbjörn Eggerz, Iceventure at the #WebSummit2015

Take a look at the services of Banque Internationale à Luxembourg at www.bil.com.

Have fun watching the video which was shot live during the stratup and technology conference 2015 in Dublin.

If you want to know more about the reasons the euro crisis continues and about its impact check out Iceventure's Euro crisis online lecture or read our articels on Fintech here on the blog.

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A. Eggerz is entrepreneur and managing director of Iceventure.