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18. September 2018
Freigegeben in Innovation

Enterprise Blockchains – A Pragmatic & Realistic Guide for CIOs/CDOS – an Iceventure briefing

Background of the Enterprise Blockchain briefing

The blockchain promises to alter the way business transactions, data storage, industry value chains and associated revenue models. And unlike other innovation first deployed by start-ups many Enterprises as well as SMEs investigate the various use cases.
For example, Banking & Financial Services is the leading sector in enterprise blockchain adoption with a high number of PoCs. Adoption of use cases around payments, trade finance, and wallets are advancing rapidly.

Check out our complete guide here:  https://www.slideshare.net/Iceventure/enterprise-blockchains-a-pragmatic-realistic-guide-for-cioscdos

Challenges for Enterprises/SMEs adopting an Enterprise Blockchain

But the novelty of the Enterprise Blockchain technology brings also about a lot of questions asked by market participants and our customers alike.
Some examples are:

  • How to evaluate the advantages/disadvantages
  • What are the value drivers
  • Fitting it into the existing IT landscape
  • Where is the market and what are my risks

In a webinar, we therefore discussed the challenges of a successful Enterprise Blockchain use-case to separate the hype from reality. We also introduced a framework for evaluation.

Watch the slides for:

  • A picture of the possibilities and challenges of the Blockchain
  • The Blockchain technology in the Enterprise context
  • A different use case valuation approach
  • An overview of the current market with focus on Germany


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